A chemical product without the proper support is like a car without a driver.

Do you want to reach your target?

Without crashing, without detours, in an environmentally friendly manner, with minimum energy, material, and capital employment?

If you appreciate long maintenance intervals and are looking for a suitable vehicle – not one that travels in the slow lane, but also not a Formula 1 racing car – then the DOK team is the right partner for your degreasing/passivation requirements.

We provide advice

adhesion, corrosion protection, lifetime, bath maintenance measures, energy saving, chemistry, water, wastewater, sludge, material mix, aluminum passivation, inspection methods, quick inspections, etc….

We provide training

In theoretical and practical seminars, you’ll discover everything about using and controlling the products you use.
Talk to us and we will find a suitable date for your training.

We provide planning services

Pre-treatment and wastewater systems (dimensions, equipment, conversions).
Good planning makes implementation easier. We look ahead and are your reliable contact.

We deliver solutions

We are there for you even in difficult situations.
If you don’t know or have doubts about what to do next, we’ll find the best solution for you.
We look forward to your call!

Information material

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